July 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why ERP Fails Procurement

Constrained budgets, leaner workforces, having to “do more with less” and the necessity to report on value contribution are all increasing the need for technology to help drive procurement transformation. At first glance, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems get the attention of Finance and IT, but the realities of associated cost, project length and lack […]

June 2016

eSourcing Adoption Measurement

By John Shaw, VP of Customer Success at BravoSolution

You are a seasoned leader in the rapidly maturing field of strategic sourcing and your leadership team continually challenges you to maximise the value of your team to the organisation. You are, of course, resource constrained. An open field of opportunities lies before you, but you hold in your […]

March 2016

Real World Procurement Series APAC Webinar: The Universe of Modern Procurement

Live APAC Webinar: Recorded on 23 March, 2016
The procurement profession has moved on in recent years, as have many other specialist disciplines. The terms ‘strategic sourcing’ and ‘organisational alignment’ are frequently misapplied and bandied about to stay ‘on message’. A few well-chosen questions can reveal whether their usage holds any substance.

It’s time for clarity.

In this […]