It's Your Career. Why BravoSolution?

With 600+ employees worldwide, 15+ years of company success, accolades from global analyst firms including Gartner, Inc., BravoSolution is the industry leader in strategic procurement.  We attribute our success to our people.  We are based on a culture of authenticity where people work together with a common purpose, committed to excellence and success.  Ask anyone at BravoSolution and they’ll tell you that the work is truly meaningful, energising, rewarding and fun.  Are you a future team member?  Why not consider BravoSolution for your next positive career step.

The BravoSolution Way

The BravoSolution Way is more than a set of words, it embodies the spirit and DNA of BravoSolution at its best.

The BravoSolution Way reflects the energy and spirit of a company that has a solid foundation to lead change as business evolves. And, it articulates a code of behaviour that guides us through that change. The words are a call to action that asks every employee to commit to a common set of beliefs about how we work in our world today.

These are our own words and our values, in our own voice:

Open Positions

BravoSolution is looking for talented people who want to build rewarding careers, drive innovation and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

If you want to push boundaries and challenge the status quo while taking your career to new heights, we are looking for people like you. At BravoSolution, you will be surrounded by people who share your creativity, drive and passion.

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Global Locations

BravoSolution serves over 70 countries with its market leading strategic procurement platform, backed by over 15 years of rich practitioner experience.

BravoSolution helps more than 650 companies and 100,000 purchasing professionals worldwide unlock the power of procurement. 

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Life at Bravo
“Working at Bravo is always about being part of a team. I always have the support and assistance of my colleagues both in the same office and from around the world. This has given me a sense of belonging, that I am really part of a collective that wants to help each other and values my input in order to generate success both personally and for our clients.”
Consultant, Sydney, Australia
“The most significant advantage of working at Bravo is the freedom given to every individual to excel, which provides a tremendous ecosystem of collaboration across geographical teams. These teams have deep domain expertise and exposure to global best practices in procurement which helps us successfully deliver projects despite any complexities and challenges that may arise. This in turn motivates you to take challenges and walk that extra mile to deliver results. In addition you get an opportunity to work with one of the best and most evolved procurement platforms in the world.”
Senior Consultant, Sydney, Australia
“BravoSolution is a great place to work. In Sydney, we’re a small but growing part of a much larger global organisation. The scale of Bravo gives you the chance to work closely with senior management around the world, giving you the opportunity to have a substantial impact on the business. There’s a strong team spirit both locally and globally, with a genuine desire to help one another. This converts again and again into customer success, which helps us build further momentum.”
Marketing Manager, Sydney, Australia
“BravoSolution really appreciates, respects and values its employees. The culture of the company is such that you can speak to anyone and everyone in the company is always happy to work with you and support you on projects. Joining BravoSolution APAC has given me exposure to the whole world and the company really supports its employees’ career ambitions by providing unmatched development opportunities.”
Senior Consultant, Sydney, Australia

What’s In It For You?

We recognise that our workplace environment is made up of different components contributing to the overall engagement and wellbeing of our people. We therefore strive to offer a package that supports this, including:

  • Competitive salaries, alongside bonuses to share Company success and reward employees when they demonstrate exceptional results.
  • 25 days paid holiday per year, excluding bank holidays
  • Subsidised health insurance membership
  • Reimbursement for home internet and mobile phone expenses
  • One day off per year to support a charity/non-profit of your choice, by volunteering
  • Bravo socials organised by our social committee, including team dinners, Quiz nights, bowling and karaoke
  • The opportunity to join a forward thinking business offering great career progression both within the team and across the wider business.

We are committed to promoting Equal Opportunities in employment.

A Message from Jim Wetekamp, BravoSolution CEO

At the core of the BravoSolution mission, vision and values are our team members, the best in the industry. We believe the combination of our leading procurement solution combined with our high-performance people creates the foundation to make a difference and generate real value for our customers. We promise to exceed expectations and go the extra mile. We partner to ensure customer success. We drive move value and with more passion than anyone else in the industry. If this sounds interesting, I encourage you to apply for a position with us so you too can make a difference.”

Thanks for Your Interest in BravoSolution

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