BravoSolution Customer Testimonials

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See how BravoSolution customers from diverse industries are partnering with us to unlock the power of procurement to drive financial performance, build procurement organizational excellence, manage risk, and influence innovation.

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Cancer Research UK

BravoAdvantage allows us to do everything we want to in terms of compliance and process, but it also gives us the intuitive, commercial edge that other tools may not provide.

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We decided to integrate BravoAdvantage into our ERP systems. After implementation, we gained transparency we didn’t have before and we’re achieving savings higher than what we anticipated.

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BravoSolution supported us in different tenders. We received such huge results in a short time period that we cannot be anything else but satisfied.”

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Rockwool International

We have decided to use the BravoAdvantage full suite to get the benefit of a professional, technological installment and a comprehensive, end-to-end lifecycle in the product.

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McDonald's UK

We needed a support partner to help leverage our scale, consolidate our supply chain, & mitigate our risk. BravoSolution has enabled us to yield great benefits. Looking at counter [tops], we averaged a 54% saving.

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Norma Group

It was very difficult to extract data from our ERP systems and consolidate on regional and global levels. We decided to use the BravoAdvantage for Spend Analysis and Supplier Value Management.

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Dover Corporation

Adoption has been phenomenal… not only in sourcing but finance, operations, marketing, sales; everybody can get in and see what’s happening.”

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Children's Commissioning Consortium

We’ve been able to capture (information) for the first time, across a range of local authorities and different providers. We’ve been able to quality and outcomes for children.”

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BravoSolution has helped us reach our goal of optimizing our spend and managing our purchasing process. Our average annual savings is around 15-20%.

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The tool has ben used by a wide range of suppliers, from multinationals to small companies: this proves  that the platform  is userfriendly.

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Ferrero SpA

We have done more than 1000 tenders process using the BravoAdvantage platform.”

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Spend is a very useful solution in order to master and control the spend of a group… It’s a key solution for us to see the involvement and the rollout of a contract in all our operations.”

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C.R. Bard

With 2 different ERP systems along 7 different instances, were never able to capture spend information until we partnered with Bravo.”

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NH Hotel Group

We had a gap on what our needs were and what our ERP could cover. After doing great analysis we realized that the Bravo tool was the right one and the one that fully covered what we needed it for.”

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We are now using the data to turn spend with external suppliers into revenue for the group.”

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I needed to have a solution that was a best of breed solution, very helping, very transparent and very traceable in our spending action.”

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BravoSolution Customer Accolades

“What we liked about BravoSolution, and what really differentiated them for us, was their industry expertise. Comparable products just did not come from the same solid procurement foundation that BravoSolution did. They had people who worked in procurement and understood the procurement process, and this was reflected in their product.”

-Ali Payne, Lead ICT Project Manager, TransGrid

“If I were to single out what BravoSolution has contributed to us, I would say it has first and foremost standardised our processes. … It has made responding to enquiries so much easier and helps us comply with the New Zealand Government Rules of Sourcing.”

-Tamsyn Rouse, Acting Group Manager, Commercial Support, DCS, New Zealand Defence Force

“In choosing a new procurement platform, we needed a provider that offered a flexible and powerful technology and a team that truly understood our business and the unique challenges of being a large, global organisation. BravoSolution combines the resources and proven technology of a large, global organisation with the support and expertise of local procurement professionals all around the world. The team has worked with us every step of the way to ensure our success.”

-Dr. Stefan Zeisel, Head of Regional Procurement, Deutsche Post DHL Group

“We use the BravoSolution Sourcing Suite as the standard tool for all sourcing activity for every project, across the entire programme and across the whole of Crossrail. Like other big projects, Crossrail is on a tight timeline, so keeping it on track and hitting targets is very important. We are under pressure to hit key milestones, while following strict compliance rules, and generate cost savings, so a consistent process is paramount. The software helps us make efficiency gains and provides us with a robust system with which to accurately track and monitor progress.”

-Paul Darlington, Procurement Production Manager, Crossrail

“The spend analysis solution from BravoSolution has enabled us in a few months to have visibility on 100% of our purchases at a full European level. We have a quarterly refresh of our spend. It is these repetitive snapshots that allow us to measure improvements over the previous period. It is clear that having a consolidated supply base, which guarantees quality and punctuality, has a positive effect on customer service, as well as on competitiveness.”

-Aldo Papa, Chief Engineering Officer and Procurement, Autogrill